Independent Elements

We meet the heat

Independent Elements and Controls manufactures, designs and imports heating elements, temperature measuring probes, temperature control and Monitoring equipment as well as Silicon carbide and Molybdenum Disilicide extreme high temperature furnace elements.

We are able to design, manufacture and supply heating elements to a cross section of the economy including large and diverse corporations as well as the man in the street. From complex once off electric heating applications to straight forward applications such as a warmer element.

Our product base is wide spread including practically all sectors of the economy such as the plastics industry, rubber processing industry, foundries, battery manufacturing, research and development agencies, the mining industry, chemical and research industries as well as other heating element companies, to name a few.

Our job is firstly, to listen to our customers, advise our customers when required and work together with our customers to manufacture and supply a quality product, fit for purpose and within a time frame that meets our customers’ needs and expectations.

As a holistic company we pride ourselves on being able to build up relationships with our customers.

Our product base is diverse and covers the complete spectrum of electric heating, control and monitoring thereof. Should we not have a product in stock and it is not available locally we have an extensive range of overseas suppliers, built up over many years, whereby we can source product.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Our manufacturing capabilities are based on having the right equipment and staff to do the right job. Manufacturing is split up between two factories. The one factory is where we manufacture the straight tubular heating elements. In this factory we also bend and assemble the straight tubular heating element into a finished product. We also manufacture cartridge heaters and ceramic withdrawal elements in the same factory.

The second factory is dedicated to the manufacturing of mica band, ceramic band heaters and temperature probes. We have two annealing furnaces in which the straight tubular elements are heat treated to make them malleable for bending which gives them their distinguished black green appearance.

We also keep an extensive range of accessories in stock, such as thermocouple plugs, thermocouple compensating cable and wire. High temperature resistant cable, thermostats, temperature controllers etc.

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