Tubular heating elements

We have our own tube filling plant which can produce 24 straight heating tubes per cycle allowing us to produce 400 heating tubes daily. The tubing is then put through a rolling machine that compacts the insulating material.

Our heating tubes are heat treated to 1030 deg c ensuring a product which is robust but flexible enough to bend into practically any shape imaginable. All of our raw materials are imported and are certified.


The tubes are sealed with a penetrating oil seal and then a high temperature silicon seal to eliminate the possibility of any moisture getting into the elements. All our heating tubes are tested with an insulation tester at 1000v and then with a hi-pot insulation tester to ensure that our elements conform to stipulated specifications.

Finned elements

Our finning material is 316 s/steel which is specially used for the refrigeration industry and defrost elements



Immersion heaters

These are designed in conjunction with the customer and are used to heat up material located mostly in tanks containing oil water etc. These type of elements usually come with a boss and are screwed into the tank vertically or horizontally.



Over the side elements

These elements are used when there is an open tank and the elements must fit from the top of the tank, down the inside wall to the bottom of the tanks.These elements normally have an extended cold end. They are used to heat up alkaline solutions, acidic solution, also water and oil etc.



Catering elements

We manufacture any form of catering element.



General purpose elements and special design elements



Heat manifold elements



Laundry elements